About company

Georgia is a country of high mountains and ­­broad plains, crystal clear springs and bright southern sun. Thanks to all these features, many thousands of years ago, wine growing culture, and then the wine itself were born in Georgia. Elegant wine has become a symbol of Georgia since ancient times. Up to this day it is praised in the variety of Georgian poems and songs, folk-tales and legends.

Viticulture - is an art, in which Georgian people have been training for many centuries. All the year round Georgians are taking care of vine as if it were their daughter, putting their heart and soul in it, till the autumn season of "Rtveli" when the juicy and flavorful grapes are collected.

Cradle of Georgian wine culture is Kakheti region. There, along the river of Alazani is stretched the Alazany valley, the place where such varieties Georgian grapes as Kindzmarauli, Akhasheni, Tsinandali and Mukuzani are being grown. The climate of the Alazany valley is ideal for growing grapes. And it is here, in Kakheti, in the villages of Sabue and Eniseli where the plants of "Marniskari" company are situated.

The history Marniskari wine plant on the bases of "Eniseli-Bagrationi" takes its root in the XIX century. In 1875, the famous Georgian public figure Zechariah Jorjadze bought a land area in the village of Eniseli and built a wine plant there, which still preserves hereditary secrets of winemaking and embodies them in the form of high quality and fine wine products. Zechariah Jorjadze was the first to export Georgian wine and gain international recognition for it.

Тhe creators of "Marniskari" worthily continue the work of their ancestors since 2011, getting foreigners and local consumers acquainted with traditional Georgian wines. Nowadays at the "Marniskari" plant are produced dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet red and white wines from of such grape varieties as: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Mtsvane and Ojaleshi. Our company is pouring as table wines so the wines controlled according to the place of their origin, grown in the strictly defined zones of Georgia, such as Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli , Khvanchkara , Tsinandali, Ojaleshi and Akhasheni.

Owners of the factory restored the two hundred year old cellar, where there are 120 unique "kvevri." Some wines require special ageing. For example, the Mukuzani wine is aged in large oak barrels. They give the wine a unique noble odor and some new notes in flavor.

Our wine has great demand among consumers and is regularly exported to Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Canada and the United States. And after the opening of the Russian market in 2013, our company was the first who exported its products there.

"Marniskari" owns vineyards in different parts of Georgia, cultivating exclusively Georgian grapes and carefully preserving the tradition of Georgian winemaking. In Kakheti 40 hectares of our land are allocated for cultivation of Saperavi and 35 hectares for Rkatsiteli. The company is also concerned with the salvation of the unique ancient Georgian grape varieties. For example, in western Georgia, 10 hectares are allocated for the vineyards of Ojaleshi variety.

The production resource of "Marniskari" factory allows to process up to 2,500 tons of grapes. 

And a new modern Italian production line can fill up to 3000 bottles per hour. New technologies make it possible to increase the efficiency of labor and familiarize higher number of consumers around the globe with the traditional Georgian wine and cognac products.
The secret of the success of our wine is the richness of flavor, saturated bouquet of aromas, wide selection and high quality of the product. The company also produces Georgian brandy. The company "Marniskari" with great responsible refers to its business and, therefore, focuses only on high-quality products.

Our products are available in different parts of the world under the brands of: Marniskari, Orshimo, Berika, Tetri, Godori, Tibaneli, Bazieri, Okros Veli etc.